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  I grow up in Germany, exactly in Mannheim, bilingual in spanish and german. Ic 1986 I approved the german bachelor´s degree at the “Karl-Friedrich-Gymnasium” and also the spanish one at the “INBAD” ( National Institute for Remote Bachelor´s Degrees).

After studying law at the University of Heidelberg, in 1992 I graduated at the University of Mannheim in law degree and since 1995 I am lawyer in the Law Society in Barcelona.

In this years I specialised in foreign law and also in frequency management, so if you need some radiofrequencies for private use you may also contact me.

If you need advice in other branch law I work together with expert lawyers, so I can garantize in each case the best advisory service, for example in bussines, civil or labour law.

Although it is imperative in advocacy, I prefer to state that my work is affected by a very marked sens of duty and reliabity.

- Work and residence-visa
- Residence-visa
- Students-visa
- Assistance in consular matters
- Information about inmigration procedures
- Permit of residence
- Work permit
- Permit for students
- Application at the Administration
- N.I.E / T.I.E. application
- Permit of residence for spouses and relatives

- Application for authorisation of radiofrequencies
for private use in Spain.
- Application for certificate of marriage
- Application for birth certificate
- Translation (documents)
- On-going translation
- Legalisation of documents
- Authentication of deed
- Apostille
- Recognition of foreign exam certificates
- Deed
- Approval of return by authority
- Register at City Hall

Do you need an expert in Immigration-Law?
You can trust us, our priority is to work with rigor, quality, flexibility and profesional ethics.
As I am native spanish and german, I grow up bilingual and having lived 25 years in Germany and now being in Spain, I know very well both countries and their singularities.
My specialization is Inmigration Law and Frequency-Management in Spain.
Advice in other branch of law can be entrusted independently, because I am cooperating with a group of experts in various fields of law.
If you need some advice, don´t hesitate to contact us.
T+34 666 404 215 /